The film was produced through Somesuch in a unique style, comprised of several stylised vignettes shot to look like oil paintings. 

The film's colour grade by Framestore’s Head of Creative Colour Simon Bourne is what really highlights Kim Gehrig’s stylistic choice and was key in bringing to mind the paintings of Caravaggio and other 16th Century artists. ‘Each scene in the commercial had been shot with references to oil paintings so I graded each showing a strong contrast using rays of light to make it look like the subjects were spot lit,’ explains Bourne. ‘When grading, I felt as if I was actually painting myself; it was a big task but we delivered something really unique for Lurpak.’

To complement the vivid and interesting grade delivered for the Lurpak brand film, Senior Flame Artist Andy Salter supervised the four-day shoot in Kiev and worked with the production team - including director of photography Lasse Frank - to provide several invisible VFX to create the feeling of a collection of live action renaissance paintings. 

‘We provided a few different effects within these two films but our role really was to sell the idea that the commercials’ scenes are a collection of art, not to take centre stage with any of the VFX work,’ said Salter. ‘Kim being such a force of nature and her positivity on-set means her images are always impeccable so it’s a privilege to help bring to life further ideas. Kim and the W+K creatives were in such lock-step as far as the spirit of the project went that this job really was a notable pleasure.