Although there was a significant lack of acting cowz this time around (see 'Cowz VR'), Framestore Pictures did face a logistical challenge ahead of the shoot. To work out the execution and nail down prospective camera techniques, Framestore Pictures tested on the roof in New York using a team of runners and staff members. Upon arrival to Los Angeles, the team scouted for locations and prep for the shoot. They previsualized the majority of the shoot to determine how many tables would be needed in each scene and what angles to use ahead of time.

When shooting, multiple cameras were necessary to capture the whole scene while simultaneously absorbing the community indulgence in Chick-fil-A. We directed second unit plates during smaller scenes to help maximise time, and a drone was implemented on day two of shooting to reproduce some extra epic shots. 

It Ends at Sundown

The masterly work of Framestore Pictures left little post work to be done, but a small team of artists perfected the finished work and finessed the ending drone shot. Camera movements and extra tables were added in to the final shot along with a stop motion style sun flare.