A Man wearing a hard hat is stuck in a hole in the roof.

When life gives you potatoes, make crisps

Working closely with director James Rouse for Outsider, Framestore’s advertising team has delivered a host of VFX work on new films for Walkers including VFX throughout and a CG end tag on the ‘When life gives you potatoes, make crisps' campaign. The films are being used as the iconic snack brand launches new packaging for its crisps and feature comedian Asim Chaudhry and Jessica Knappet. 

Effects Simulation
Visual Effects Supervisor
a construction worker standing on top of a roof. he is holding onto a chimney while looking up and smiling

close up of a woman in a kidzone playground looking to the right while holding a crisp

a person sitting at a table. there is a pot and cup of tea next to a bag of walkers crisps


Walkers Crisps
Advertising agency
James Rouse
Production Company
Commercial VFX & colour
Shoot & VFX supervisor
Paul O'Brien
Andrew Salter, Jason Farrow, Tim Osborne, Darran Nicholson
Simon Bourne
CG end sequence
VFX supervisors & creative leads
Paul O'Brien & Ahmed Gharraph
CG lead
Adam Smith
CG artists
Joel Savage, Alex Jeremy, Joachim Henriksen, Deniz Cinar, Justine Lecat, Florence Green, Leo Schreiber
Chris Stilitoe, Paul O'Brien
Production co-ordinator
Katie Sharpe
Sian Jenkins
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