A close partnership with the agency was crucial to turn around the spot within the quick deadline.  ‘It was great collaborating with Michael Shirley from Leo Burnett. He really had the trust of the clients and believed in our approach,’ said West.

The collaboration between Framestore’s departments also allowed the live-action and VFX teams to work efficiently together from the start, creating early VFX tests and comps of the rehearsal which were used to inform the shoot and aid a seamless transition into post. Working as a hybrid team allowed both sides to maximize the timeline, while leaving room to play with the creative and execution throughout the process.The VFX team utilized compositing techniques to duplicate the actor and increase the size of his head, which amplifies the comedic nature of the spot. Using design driven effects, Creative Director Danny DelPurgatorio wanted to create a landscape that was relatable while also possessing a slightly surreal quality about it. This bizarre scenario needed to leave viewers scratching their heads and asking ‘What did I just see?’.