As partners with Pepsi, Creators League Studio and Director Hanna Maria Heidrich, Framestore was integral to the film’s creation - from handling shoot supervision through to all clean-up, with visual effects and multiple versioning for the final Super Bowl delivery. The resulting film is a fitting ode to Pepsi’s monumental role in pop culture over the years, and debuts at one of America’s biggest cultural touchstones: the Super Bowl.

'The creative team at Creator League Studio was a fantastic partner in this project. We had a lot of freedom to take their concepts and carry them to beautiful shot completions.'

Martin Larazo - VFX Artist

The entertainment-fueled film includes narration from The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon set against a soundtrack of ‘Boogie Feet’ from Kesha. Recreations of Pepsi’s iconic ads include those starring Kyrie ‘Uncle Drew’ Irving of the NBA’s Boston Celtics, Cindy Crawford and her model son Presley, dance moves inspired by Michael Jackson, former professional stock car racing driver Jeff Gordon, pop princess Britney Spears, and the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’.

'It was like a dream to recreate commercials and movies I grew up watching. Who knew one day I would be on set with Cindy Crawford where the original Pepsi was shot or have the opportunity to recreate the DeLorean disappearing in 'Back to the Future.''

Martin Larazo - VFX Artist

Having worked with Director Hanna Maria Heidrich previously, Framestore held a collaborative and creative rapport to execute the brand’s vision. Framestore artists worked on look development for each time period which would reference previous campaigns, whilst bringing an updated and unified creative look to the 2018 campaign.

​'It's always a pleasure working with Hanna Maria, she has an unique way of keeping the original vision through the process and at the same time enrich it through team feedback and collaboration.'

Martin Larazo - VFX Artist

Across the film Framestore oversaw general clean-up, to maintain consistency, whilst also compositing multiple screen replacements, reflections and environmental work like the interior of racecar driver Jeff Gordon’s car and the night sky over a drive-in theatre. Pepsi’s voyages to the Moon and Mars called for more in-depth, fully CG environments; Framestore also added excitement and burnout effects for a car chase between the famous DeLorean of ‘Back of the Future’ and Jeff Gordon.

'Pepsi has been an iconic brand for over 120 years now that’s always celebrated pop culture, music and sports. This ad brings that to life. We brought back a lot of our iconic artists.'

Greg Lyons, Pepsi CMO