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Save the Survivors

Framestore supports Save The Children’s impactful film which shines a light on the hurdles faced by child refugees in war-torn countries.

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Save the Children and Framestore have come together to deliver the charity’s latest compelling campaign, ‘Save the Survivors’. 

Shot in Lebanon, the film aims to educate viewers on the obstacles that block the road to safety in a war-stricken country, and the trauma victims are forced to endure along the way. To ensure the utmost authenticity when approaching such sensitive subject matter, the narrative is based on survivors’ stories.

Collaborating with director Tomas Jonsgården of B-Reel Films, Framestore supported the film’s messaging with VFX services, and colour from Jean-Clément Soret at sister company, Company 3.

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“Our goal was to bring the environment to life and convey a realistic depiction of the situation, without drawing attention away from the refugees - they’re what’s most important,” explains Paul O’Brien, VFX artist at Framestore. “In the opening scenes, we edited out a building blocking the end of the road to allow the path to continue further back. We wanted to emphasise the breadth of the situation, and highlight how small the children are in comparison to the vastness around them.”

“The drama that you see in the campaign is all for a purpose,” says VFX producer Jake Saunders. “The loud, shocking elements are there to make you sit up and listen, and realise the extent of these children’s situation - every time they try to get their lives back together, there’s something there that knocks them down.”

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Reflecting on the project, Paul comments, “It’s been really worthwhile and rewarding to work on something with a positive impact - it’s been one of those amazing occasions where a job comes along and makes you feel like you’ve contributed to a real change. The director and producer were a dream to work with too, sending us all the resources we needed since we couldn’t be there on set. And of course, the kids were incredible, and we are so grateful to them.”

Jake adds, “It was truly emotional when we showcased the work to the Save the Children team - who hadn’t seen anything since the rough cut. There was just silence at the end. That’s the goal: we need people to feel the gravity of the situation and donate.”

If you’d like to support the cause, please find Save the Children’s donation form here.


Save the Children
Creative agency
Tomas Jonsgården
Art Director
Anette Bellika Finnanger
Rikke Sofie Jacobsen & Emil Hafslund
Art Directors
Pia Lystad, Sara Hødnebø & Marius Aasen
Account Director
Petter Bryde
Account Manager
Shirin Marlene Pakzamir
Simon Karlsson
Benjamin Rodgers, Andrea Engum & Ole Jakob Bøe Skattum
Production Company
Magnus Åkerstedt
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Joe Saade
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Issa Kandil
Costume Designer
Beatrice Harb
Casting Director
Rita Gergess
First Assistant Director
Toufic Khreich
Service Production Company
Good People
Service Producer
Chantal Haber
Gregers Dohn, Edisen
Post Production
Framestore, London
Lead VFX Artist
Paul O'Brien
VFX Artist
Darran Nicholson
VFX Artist
Jon Berridge
VFX Artist
Judy Roberts
Roto Artists
Joe Forder & Lucy Lawrence
Jean-Clement Soret (Company3)
Anna MacDonald
Jake Saunders
Production Assistant
Charlene Faure-Berichi
Ohlogy «Survivor»
Knowles, Knowles & Dent
Arranged & performed by
ARY and Harpreet Bansal
ARY & Ohlogy
Courtesy of
Sony Music Publishing Scandinavia, Downtown Music & BMG Scandinavia
Music supervision by
Jenny Aubert and Goran Obad, Ohlogy
Brand Marketing & Communications Director, Netherlands
Linda Sinac
Fundraising, Marketing & Partnerships Director, Netherlands
Sarah Clifton
Fundraising & Marketing Director, Norway
Ingrid Svendsen
Head of Marketing & Digital, Norway
Klaus Damlien
Head of Creative & Content, Norway
Luca Kleve-Ruud
Advocacy & Campaigns Manager, Lebanon
Shireen Makarem
Documentation & Information Management Officer, Lebanon
Baraa Shkeir
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