A group of men and women starring straight forward and smirking

Raise Your Arches

McDonald’s latest uplifting campaign, led by Leo Burnett UK and directed by cult British Filmmaker Edgar Wright, celebrates the universal joy in communicating that ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ moment.

“Raise Your Arches” tells a story of a group of office workers who, through a series of these unspoken invitations, conspire together to head to McDonald’s. The film begins in a typical office, a heavy folder of papers is slammed onto a desk. With a sigh, two colleagues catch each other’s eye. One of them raises their eyebrows to the other in a knowing way, she understands exactly what that means. They nod in agreement and head off. With smiles on their faces, they walk purposefully through the office: raising their ‘arches’ to their colleagues in a universally understood gesture. It doesn’t take long for the whole office to join in, it’s a lunchtime escape - window cleaners and postman included, in an ultimate shared moment of release.

Framestore provided the VFX with Stef Perry at Company 3 handling the grade.

Framestore Flame Lead Darran Nicholson said: “It was great to work with a brand that enjoys encouraging an element of fun in their campaigns. This was a simple idea, but when the edit is cut and the content carefully choreographed with a soundtrack (especially a well-known classic), it becomes very powerful”.

The film launched on January 13th on social and TV.


Leo Burnett
Chief Creative Officer
Chaka Sobhani
Creative Director
James Millers, Mark Elwood, James Millers & Andrew Long
Production Company
Moxie Pictures
Edgar Wright
Post Production / VFX
Flame Lead
Darren Nicholson
Alexia Paterson
Steffan Perry at Company 3
Jake Polonsky
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