Creative studio Bullitt and director Anthony Leonardi enlisted the expertise of Framestore to bring a series of beloved Marvel characters and elements to life. While ensuring that the vignettes remain authentic to each of their characters, Wanda Maximoff, Captain America and Loki hilariously explore these ponderances, with all the action centered around the new TUCSON.

Framestore Creative Director Alex Thomas leveraged his long-standing working relationships with both Anthony Leonardi and Marvel to supervise the visual effects execution across each shot. Framestore’s VFX team focused their skills on recreating Wandavision’s technology-bending color transitions, as well as adding a shield, wings and digidouble to Captain America’s scene. Working in tandem with the Marvel team on the look and development of the tesseract -- a crystalline cube-shaped containment vessel for the Space Stone -- for the Disney+ series Loki, Framestore was well poised to execute the portal and tesseract as Loki cheekily escapes yet again.

“It’s such a pleasure to collaborate with Marvel and Anthony Leonardi, who is always able to capture the cinematic world of Marvel so seamlessly,” said Thomas. “Our CG Supervisor Clement Renaudin, Comp Supervisor Woei Lee and Lead comp Alex Osvaldsson worked their magic to bring the most visually credible sequences to life.” 

In addition to VFX, Framestore was responsible for general cleanup on the car and streetscape and end card design, as well as a seamless color grade across the entire campaign from LA-based Colorist, Beau Leon.