side view of a man holding up and looking into a google pixel 3 phone

Pixel 3 + Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame

As longtime partners of Google and Marvel, Framestore worked with Bullitt’s Anthony Leonardi and 72andSunny to create the latest spot for the Pixel 3 phone. The explosive spot features New Yorkers going about their daily lives, with the help of their Pixel 3 devices, as the Avengers fight to save the city crumbling around them. The spot uses feature footage to give a sneak peek of the new Avengers: Endgame film.

outside perspective from a window looking into a cafe where a woman is sitting at a table

Framestore augmented the product shots, which were filmed on the Universal backlot to seamlessly match the shots from the movie. The destruction in the plates was enhanced in comp, and screens replaced for the phone content and security footage. The hero device in the pack shot was created in CG. In addition to providing VFX, the spot also features some of the Pixel 3’s exclusive Marvel AR stickers.


Partner/Creative Co-Chair
Glenn Cole
Group Creative Director
Tim Wolfe
Creative Director
Ashton Rose
Creative Director
Kristian Grove
Sr. Designer
Ben Sweitzer
Sr. Writer
Jason Donaldson
Jr. Designer
Wyatt Hunt
Jr. Writer
Julian Green
Director of Production
Kate Morrison
Executive Producer
Zeynep Taslica
Film Producer
Katie Gaul
Anthony Leonardi
Director of Photography
Trent Opaloch
President & Executive Producer
Luke Ricci
Line Producer
Nathaniel Greene
Creative Director & Head of 2D
Alex Thomas
Sr. VFX Producer
James Alexander
Production Assistant
Emily Rawl
JD Yepes, Brian Delmonico, Christian Castenaeda, Kingsley Rothwell, Jhih Hong Chiu, Khevna Shah
Rich Shallcross, Cinzia Pegorin, Sean Dollins
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