Working under a tight production schedule for the top secret film, our New York team was responsible for two CG product demonstrations, a CG spaceship, as well as screen composites and an array of invisible cleanup tasks.

Framestore VFX Supervisor Martin Lazaro worked closely with Director Jaron Albertin on some of the most technical aspects of the shoot, including maintaining the dynamic handheld style of the camera move throughout each demo sequence.

"We worked closely with Jaron to solve the technical challenge of stitching shots together to create a seamless transition between live action and full CG demos,” said Martin Lazaro. “The biggest hurdle was to create consistency across all the different locations shot around New York with constant weather changes and short shoot windows."

Creative Director and Head of CG Andy Rowan-Robinson oversaw the two CG demonstrations that allow viewers to visualize the technology encased within the buds, all through a microscopic lens. He also worked with the team on various evolutions of a custom CG spaceship that appears to fly ominously low over the streets of New York.

“We recreated CG components inside the earbuds faithfully similar to the actual CAD data, while also taking inspiration from architectural environments like the inside of cooling towers and the rhythm of spiral staircases, all in an effort to create something unique that tells a cohesive story,” said Rowan-Robinson.

First airing as part of Samsung’s digital Unpacked 2021 event, the spot is available to view online and social media