Loch Ness Monster: The Legend Lives On

Framestore worked with Busch Gardens to reimagine the Loch Ness Monster: The Legend Lives On roller coaster, complete with new immersive screens, an upgraded audio experience and enriched lore.

Creature Design/Art Department
Concept Design

Framestore’s work involved enhancing the story and immersive experience, transporting guests to the banks of Loch Ness in 1934, where teams from around the world frantically search the Loch to find evidence of the Loch Ness Monster and claim a generous prize.

To realize the concept, Framestore’s Immersive team, headed up by Creative Director Gavin Fox and VFX Supervisor William Laban, incorporated LED screens showing the monster inside a large cave building and created a completely new audio experience throughout the queue and ride itself. 

Designing the screen layout within the building posed a significant challenge due to its original construction in 1978, which accommodated only the roller coaster without provisions for screens. To optimize the viewing experience of the Loch Ness Monster on the screens inside the cave building, the team utilized multiple LIDAR scans of the space. These scans facilitated numerous previsualization tests, exploring various screen positions and sizes. This iterative process was crucial for generating accurate models of the track and interior, enabling the team to identify where screens could feasibly be placed while still ensuring optimal visibility of the monster for viewers.

“To create a feeling of three dimensions, without the need for special glasses, we use a process called ‘moving eye point’ to create a warped perspective of the media that dynamically changes as the guest moves past each screen,” said Gavin Fox. “This was very challenging for a rollercoaster with so many guests passing the screen at such speed and close proximity… but we managed it!” 


“I’ve been privileged to have worked on a few legacy projects and it’s always such a thrill to breathe new life into already much loved attractions," continued Gavi Fox. "This one was definitely the biggest without a doubt, and I very much hope that the many fans out there who fondly remember riding it on its opening day in 1978 are just as thrilled about the new surprises we have waiting for them.”

“This project was a great example of all departments in a small core team working effectively to produce a wonderful creature, something Framestore has a wealth of experience with.”Added Willian Laban.


United Parks
Creative Director
Ryan Jung
Creative Consultancy
Innovation Studios
Brad Ritti
Chief of Staff
Melanie Linscott
Project Manager
Scott Devine
VFX Creative
Creative Director
VFX Supervisor
Will Laban
Senior Producer
Liam Thompson
Production Coordinator
Ashleigh McGovern
Concept Art
Katie Hallaron
Khaled Sabry, Victoria Stuart
William Laban, Khaled Sabry
Nathan Thompson
Kari Brown, Gabi Pruszkowska
Gabi Pruszkowska
Brad Noble
Factory Studios
Executive Producer
Mike Hill
Sound Engineers
James Utting, Harry Boyce
Head of Production
Sian Rogers
Music Supervisor
Josh Gibbard