A young man in a superhero suit, lands on a busy street

Jupiter's Legacy

In Netflix’s adaptation of the beloved comic by Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy follows the first generation in a family of superheroes as they pass the torch to their children, following their journey of tensions rising and old rules no longer applying.

Visual Effects Supervisor
Effects Simulation
skyfox crashing into a ceiling and cracking the walls

Framestore’s New York and London-based teams put their expertise to work in the first episode, ‘By Dawn's Early Light,’ in a roughly three-minute sequence featuring one of the show’s supervillains, Iron Orchid. A key task for the New York team was to create a never before seen evil-looking, yet cool and elegant, flower petal effect that shot out of the villain’s arm. Designing the look and feel of her VFX entirely, artists also focused on the robotic helmet and eyes gleaming through to radiate an undulating energy effect by way of Maya, Nuke, and Houdini.

“We always relish the opportunity to work with VFX Supervisor Victor Scalise because he truly invites us to be creative collaborators, as opposed to simply executing the work,” said Framestore CG Supervisor, Andy Zazzera. “He encourages our teams to develop ideas and explore creative directions that suit the needs of the project, allowing us a lot of freedom to find the most innovative way possible to complete the project.” 

A battle between two characters

Framestore’s London team worked on muzzle flashes, glass shattering, debris flying and bullets hitting within the fight scene.

“It was an absolute honor to support Netflix on a first scene of such scale and grandeur in order to start the show off with a real bang,” said Framestore VFX Supervisor, John Kilshaw. “The main challenge was the incredibly tight turnaround time, but working with Victor and Paul was an absolute joy. They always engaged our team to develop creative ideas and support us in that process.”

Jupiter’s Legacy is streaming now on Netflix.


Creative Director, VFX Supervisor
John Kilshaw
CG Supervisor
Andy Zazzera
Compositing Supervisor
Sebastien Boulange
Executive VFX Producer
Julie Long
VFX Line Producer
Sophia Lee
VFX Coordinators
Zamantha de Gula, Juliana Fonseca-Alesso