A man photographed in black and white with an orange background

Face Forward Project

To promote the vaccination of Chicago-based teens against COVID, The City of Chicago partnered with renowned photographer Sandro Miller, Ogilvy Chicago, and Framestore’s Immersive team to create colourful, one-of-a-kind portraits captured in a custom-built mobile photo studio.

Concept Design
close up of a portrait of a man looking into the camera that is made out of geometric design

The Face Forward Project shares intricately designed pieces that utilize a cutting-edge, procedural art generation framework created by Framestore to integrate digital elements into the photography. Neural rendering techniques are mixed with bespoke design layers to archive the final look. Framestore's virtual assistant allowed Sandro to connect with his subjects more profoundly and meaningfully by understanding their dreams and aspirations. The framework then took individual statements about each teen’s vision for the future and combined them with mathematical patterns to generate a unique art piece the subject could keep forever.

Framestore Senior Creative Technologist Johannes Saam and Ogilvy Executive Creative Director Isaac Pagan Munoz worked closely to design and develop the software stack needed to allow a neural assistant to live in a symbiosis between people and the world of mathematical algorithms.

“The Face Forward Project was a dream come true for creatives and technologists,” said Saam. “It combined an incredibly good cause with cutting-edge technology and ideas about content creation. Creating systems and using the software as a type of virtual assistant, trained by the creative process between Framestore and Ogilvy to deliver artworks on-demand, was a fascinating and promising look into the future of digital content creation.”

portrait of young person facing forward, looking into the distance in front of an orange background
portrait of young person looking into the camera in front of a gradient background


Ogilvy Chicago
Software Development, Creative Direction
Head of Immersive, US
Christine Cattano
Senior Creative Technologist
Johannes Saam
Immersive Developer
Clay Budin
Immersive Producer
Caitlin DeAngelis
Production Coordinator
Victoria Nieves
Pierce Gibson
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