Concept Art of the aliens from Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow: Art Department

Framestore's Art Department started work on Edge of Tomorrow in late 2011 on a mammoth 2-year project which saw them help design not just the soldiers, but also the Mimics: super fast, almost indescribable creatures with a tangle of tentacle-covered retractable limbs. 

Initially working alongside the production art department they created visuals for the beach and beach landings, the design of the exosuit jackets and soldier uniform. The mimics took nearly the whole of post to finalise. Browse through a selection of original concept designs for the project:

Concept Design
Creature Design/Art Department
Visual Effects Supervisor
four mimic aliens ablaze on stormy waters

There were numerous references for our art department. Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji made out of old tyres was one, but “Resonance / Deus Ex Machina” by SR Partners is a video that came to embody the random and terrifying kinetics of the Mimics.
Jonathan Fawkner
VFX Supervisor
back view of a soldier in full body armour crouching in front of a giant mimic alien

a soldier in full body armour standing next to two large mimic aliens

We had a sort of arms race between the aliens and the soldiers, because if the aliens can move fast then the suits have to make the soldiers move fast too, otherwise why would they have built them?
Jonathan Fawkner
VFX Supervisor
full body shot of a soldier in full body armour and gear
full body shot of a soldier in full body armour and gear
two soldiers getting into full body battle armour suits on a production line as another soldier stands by the side

ten soldiers in full customised war body armour

a soldier in full body armour walking through an explosion

a battlefield full of hundreds of soldiers and military vehicles with tens of helicopters and war planes flying above