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Framestore delivered a host of VFX sequences for Sky Atlantic’s exciting street-racing drama, Curfew. The eight-episode TV show saw a cast of desperate drivers competing for freedom from the totalitarian government that controls their lives – in a series of no-holds-barred night-time street races.

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Originally commissioned by Tiger Aspect Productions to work on a pivotal car chase and crash sequence, Framestore’s work on the show grew to multiple complex VFX shots across the series  -  thanks to Framestore’s fast integration into the production team and ability to produce excellent VFX to a tight time frame.

Framestore’s Curfew team was led by Head of Television, Michelle Martin, VFX Producer Amber Ducker, VFX Supervisor Simon Kilroe and CG Supervisor Johannes Sambs who worked closely with series Executive Producer and Director, Colm McCarthy and the series’ VFX team comprising Steve Street and Jakub Chilczuk to deliver various VFX shots.

front view of a car with its headlights on. there is a holographic text that reads '1st' on its left

One of the biggest challenges we faced on Curfew was a particular car crash shot in which we had to seamlessly marry a CG McLaren Spider (which we built from scratch) with the real car that was captured in live-action – all in one continuous shot,’ says Framestore’s VFX Supervisor Simon Kilroe. ‘The CG car had to crash through a wall, into a CG market hut, flip upside down and then slide through a stall of CG fruit, veg and crates which had to come very close to camera,’ he continues. ‘We used a library of 2D elements mixed with CG FX Debris and kept as much of the practical, in-camera explosion as possible to get the most realistic results. At the end of the shot we added muzzle flashes and a gunshot wound using 2D elements. The hole in the live action wall was a DMP with some FX debris pouring down after the crash. The team’s commitment and patience for such an intricate shot combining a multitude of FX techniques is something to be applauded.’

‘Originally approached to execute the CG McLaren sequence, our involvement grew exponentially to 345 shots across the series,’ adds Framestore’s Development Producer, Ben Perry. ‘It was fantastic collaborating with Tiger Aspect on such a tent-pole production, that shines a light on the UK's high-end drama offering. The beautifully gritty script, performances and visuals are just too good to miss.’

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Colm McCarthy
Production Company
Tiger Aspect
VFX Supervisor
Steve Street
CG Supervisor
Johannes Sambs
VFX Producer
Amber Ducker
VFX Coordinator
Lucy Williams
Asset Team
Adam Smith, Mary Doyle, Michael John, David Kent, Tim Gregson, Marnie Pitts, Omar Jason Lawal, Florence Green, Andrew Butler, Leo Screiber
David Cattermole
Comp Team
Saruta Pisanwelerd, Pawasut Chatmaleerat, Simon Stoney, Jack Fisher, Paul Krist, Tri Do, Jack Fisher, Javad Matoorian-Pour, Christiant D'Alberto, Esme Coleman, Mohit Varde, Reece McFarlane
VFX Producer
Jakub Chilczuk
CG Lead
Johannes Sambs
VFX Line Producer
Hannah Critchley
Executive Producer
Michelle Martin
Animation Team
Ashley Reemul, Joseph Kane, Alexander Jeremy, Jed Fisher, Joseph Henson, Steve Townrow
Gerard Dunleavy, Lee Matthew
VFX Supervisor
Simon Kilroe
2D Leads
Owen Braekke-Carroll, Martin Davison
VFX Editor
Nick Feldman
Development Producer
Ben Perry
Hernan Llano Duque, Beau Garcia, Mala Lal, Dylan Brinsbury, Cat Harris, Andrea Lazzarini
Lighting Team
Erik Weaver-Pronk, Andrea Biferi, Tom Martin Davis