animated highlighted coral


Fractals are admired for their infinite complexity. They represent mathematical equations of repeating patterns, expanding scale and evolving symmetry. These fractal visualizations are available to explore in virtual reality for the first time ever, as part of creative studio Framestore’s launch of ‘CORAL’.

coral text in the centre of an underwater coral reef

CORAL’s name represents one of the seven fractal environments visualized by Framestore. This non-linear experience is aimed at discovery and exploration, giving the user infinite space - literally - to discover the beauty of mathematics. CORAL’s message, ‘The Universe Is Inside’, echoes this sentiment by encouraging participants to learn about themselves and their environments. The CORAL experience utilizes real-time raymarching in game engine, in addition to running on a mobile version using Apple’s ARKit. 


animated highlighted coral

animated coral on a chair


Executive Creative Director
Jimmy Jin, Patrick Beavers, Mariano Merchante, Andrea Longo
Stephanie Perea
Senior Creative Developer
Johannes Saam
Anthony Gibbs, Vin Kim
Executive Producer
Guillaume Raffi
Sound and Music
Peter Timberlake
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