Gavin Fox, Creative Director, Framestore says, “Theme park rides have always told stories; taking people on adventures into space, under water, chasing bad guys or playing a part in a favorite movie. Lately a trend has arisen to add interactivity to rides. It often involves shooting targets to earn points, trying to beat fellow riders. This is great fun, but often at the expense of story and experience.

“Game Changers introduce a new approach that intertwines storytelling and interaction into one idea; where the guests can interact with the story itself, not just their score. With guests being able to ‘choose their own adventure’, we’re giving them a way to react to a situation as it happens. They get to choose how they want to deal with it, and genuinely make the story their own”.

All of this is achieved by making each element of the ride experience change-able in real-time, based on immediate feedback from the guests’ interactions. Key to this are innovative ride systems, media visuals, ride profile, the path the ride takes, FX and sound. With each of these elements able to react, we have a revolutionary concept that hands over control to the guests - not only in terms of visuals, but also in the mechanics of the ride itself.

“With CAVU’s new interactivity platform, no two rides are the same. All aspects of the ride, from scenery to ride path, will change at your fingertips. This is no scavenger hunt. It’s a real-time action-packed adventure,”

Mark Stepanian - VP Innovation and Engineering at CAVU

In the location based entertainment industry it’s always about the next best thing. The need to drive more unique, mesmerizing and complex attractions that wow guests and drive success.