alien zoo

Alien Zoo

Framestore was a trusted partner to Dreamscape Immersive, the location-based virtual-reality startup backed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, by helping launch their very first physical location and original scripted experience ‘Alien Zoo’. Working closely with the entire Dreamscape development team Framestore helped bring to life many colorful and unique creatures, alongside correlating creature textures and environmental features with 4D elements.

alien zoo

‘Alien Zoo’ is a limited engagement immersive experience using entirely new VR technology to combine the thrill of an epic theme park attraction with the awe and wonder of a great film. This group VR experience transports friends on an extraterrestrial journey where they will witness first-hand the galaxy’s most endangered species.

Walk side by side massive beasts, play with adorable and exotic creatures, and not only fight for survival against the most deadly predator in all the cosmos, but prove that there is still hope for humanity in our exciting, yet unpredictable, universe. Tickets are available for purchase on Dreamscape Immersive website.

back view of megaraffe aliens walking through an prehistoric environment
a frogcat alien standing and looking ahead
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