Portrait of Pedro Sabrosa

Pedro Sabrosa

VFX Supervisor

A senior VFX Supervisor in Framestore’s episodic division, Pedro joined the creative studio in 1996. His portfolio of work spans film, episodic, commercials and interactive content. Pedro has been responsible for overseeing episodic projects in their entirety, from pre-production to on-set supervision through to the final touches of post production. These include the likes of Amazon Prime’s The Boys, the VES-nominated See for Apple TV+, Netflix’s hits The Witcher and His House and most recently a yet to be released project for Disney+.

Pedro’s work as an artist and supervisor has been widely acknowledged by the industry, with three Emmy Awards, two VES Awards and various other awards throughout his extensive career. Other notable projects include 1999’s groundbreaking series Walking with Dinosaurs for the BBC; Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men and for several of the Harry Potter films where he was delivering VFX magic to a huge and captive audience.

More recently, Pedro has stepped into the role of overall VFX Supervisor for an upcoming pilot on Hulu, and an upcoming creature-based show for National Geographic.

His House
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VFX Supervisor
VFX Supervisor
VFX Supervisor
VFX Supervisor
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