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A woman with brown hair creating yellow magic from her hands, with strands of magic coming over her shoulder.
8th December 2023

AWN | Wheel of Time

Animated World Network interviewed Wheel of Time’s VFX Producer, Brian Shows and the Post Producer, David Frew about the whopping 2,600 visual effects shots throughout the series, including the fiery dragon from the series finale that FPS and our VFX team in LDN worked so hard to bring to life.

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Alba Baptista stars as Stevie in short film FLITE, wearing a cream vest top and beanie hat
1st December 2023


FLITE, the directorial debut of Oscar winning VFX Supervisor Tim Webber is now available to watch online. 
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A still from Loki season 2 showing Tom Hiddleston in a room with screens, the room is slowing being spaghettified.
28th November 2023

The Art of VFX | Loki

Art of VFX interviewed Loki season 2's overall VFX Supervisor, Chris Townsend this week to explore the stunning visual effects that brought the show to life.
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 A still from Foundation showing a creature screaming at the camera showing its mandibles and teeth.
23rd November 2023

The Art of VFX | Foundation

VFX Supervisor, Laureline Silan gave an interview to The Art of VFX where she discussed her career and the work she led on Foundation Season 2.
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A still from Monarch: Legacy of Monsters showing a creature with blue tentacles on its face and sharp long teeth.
23rd November 2023

TVLine | Unleashing Monsters

TVLine interviewed production side VFX Supervisor, Sean Konrad about the new monster seen in episode three of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.
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A still from Foundation showing a creature screaming at the camera showing its mandibles and teeth.
23rd November 2023

B&A | Breaking Down Beki

VFX Supervisor, Laureline Silan and Creature Supervisor, Dave Gagnon sat down with Befores & Afters to discuss the creature creations in Foundation Season 2.
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 A still from the film Barbie showing Margot Robbie as a giant Barbie looking over a wasteland.
14th November 2023

B&A | Dawn of Barbie

Befores & Afters speak to Barbie's VFX Supervisor, Glen Pratt about collaboration between VFX, production design and miniatures in the film.
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A still from Foundation showing creatures flying to a spaceship with the VFX Voice logo in the bottom left corner
7th November 2023

VFX Voice | Foundation

Go in-depth with an interview with VFX Voice and VFX Supervisor, Laureline Silan, discussing our work on Foundation season two.
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A still from Invasion showing a woman looking at a glowing unformed alien.
31st October 2023

Art of VFX | Invasion

Production VFX Supervisor, Erik Henry talks to Art of VFX about the challenges and advances made in the VFX for Invasion season 2.
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A photograph of Tim Webber at the Trieste Film Festival holding an award.
28th October 2023

Trieste Award Win

Trieste Science + Fiction Festival awarded Tim Webber the Golden Asteroid in recognition of his contribution to the sci-fi genre.
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A headshot of Tim Webber with the Bloomberg logo in the bottom right corner.
25th October 2023

Bloomberg AI IRL

Could AI win an Oscar? Our Chief Creative Officer Tim Webber, discusses with Bloomberg how AI is used in the VFX industry.
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A photo of Simon Devereux and others in front of a screen promoting World VFX day. The Befores and Afters logo is in the bottom right corner.
24th October 2023

B&A World VFX Day

Framestore supports World VFX Day, a new initiative aimed to recognise and showcase the visual effects industry.
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