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A raccoon is walking towards us in a space port setting.
30th January 2024

VFX Notes Podcast | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The VFX Notes Podcast hosted by Hugo Guerra and Ian Failes took a look at the work in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.
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A group of people sat in a room working at computers with double monitors.
29th January 2024

B&A | Mumbai Growth

Befores & Afters take a look at the work created by our Mumbai studio using the Z by HP workstations.
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A woman stands looking out over a landscape filled with pink houses, she is waving.
27th January 2024

Corridor Crew | Barbie

The guys at Corridor Crew were highlighting Framestore’s brilliant work once again in their latest VFX Artists React video.
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A woman in a space suit with her hand outstretched reaching towards a iridescent floating alien.
26th January 2024

Art of VFX | Invasion S2

Owen Braekke-Carroll discusses his career path, creative approach, and the challenges of bringing otherworldly beings to life.
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A woman in a suit eating mayonnaise out of a jar with a spoon.
24th January 2024

Fast Company | Super Bowl LVIII

In the run-up to the Big Game, Fast Company have collected their top 5 teaser ad campaigns that are building anticipation for one of the biggest advertising events of the year.
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A photoreal elephant-like creature in a grassy landscape with the DQ logo in the bottom right corner.
24th January 2024

Drama Quarterly | Visual Storytelling

Drama Quarterly reported on comments from our CEO of Film and Episodic.
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An image of a giraffe coming out into a light from a dark background, there is the Evening Standard logo in the bottom right corner.
24th January 2024

Evening Standard | Wonka

Meet Molly, Hollywood’s tallest star! 🦒🌟
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Alt: A baby raccoon taking up the whole frame with its face, there is a white border around the edge of the image and a white Academy Awards logo in the bottom right corner.
23rd January 2024

Academy Award Nominations 2024

Framestore’s Oscar-nominated work drew on the talent, craft and expertise of four of our global studios.
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A few small limpets anthropomorphised to have arms, they are dancing in a coral seascape.
23rd January 2024

B&A Choreography Tool

Befores & Afters take a deep dive into the animation behind The Little Mermaid’s fantastical ‘Under the Sea’ musical number.
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A digital creature that has sharp rocky scales and long tentacle-like appendages framing its face.
23rd January 2024

AWN | Making Monsters

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters VFX Supervisor, Sean Konrad spoke to Trevor Hogg at Animation World Network about the FrostVark.
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A man walking from left to right as his clothes rip off of him revealing another outfit beneath.
21st January 2024

Corridor Crew | Loki S2

Corridor Crew release a VFX Artists React video breaking down several scenes from Loki season 2.
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Small baby raccoons reach out for Rocket Racoon's face. Overlaid is a white BAFTA logo in the bottom right corner. In the bottom left corner, white text reads "Nominated, Special Visual Effects"
18th January 2024

Guardians 3 Earns BAFTA Nomination

Our Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 artists celebrate a BAFTA nomination for their amazing work.
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