23rd May 2024
Concept Design

Variety on Netflix's Top Shows

Netflix have released their viewing figures for the second half of 2023, with Leave the World Behind being the most watched film and overall title with 121 million views. For the top TV show slot, ONE PIECE led with 71.6 million views. 

Led by VFX Supervisor Avi Goodman, Framestore’s Melbourne studio delivered 35 shots in total for Leave the World Behind - with the CFX team having lent their skills to some eye-catching creature designs, and our environments team creating photoreal spaces that bookend the film’s trajectory. 

Framestore delivered pivotal visual effects for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the beloved manga and anime ONE PIECE, encompassing a wide range of tasks, including character concept and design, environment effects, and most notably, bringing to life the extraordinary abilities of the “devil fruit” powers for main character Luffy and fan-favorite villain, Buggy.

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