A black and white photo of Julia Marrone

Julia Marrone

Head of Recruitment, CAN

What did you want to be when you were younger? 

When I was very little, I wanted to be a lawyer to put away all the bad guys, but then I wanted to be a teacher to teach bad from good and hopefully prevent people from becoming criminals, and then I scrapped it all and went into Recruitment! I still think we're somehow fighting crime by embracing people's talents for the good of the world! 


Years working in recruitment? 

15 years.


Year you joined Framestore? 



How do you like your coffee? 

Cappuccino in the mornings. A very strong Italian espresso base (double or single shot, depending on the night I had) with a small amount of frothy milk. Espresso in the afternoons, no milk! It's a crime to have cappuccino after 11 am in Italy...so I follow that rule! 


What superhero power would you love to have? 

Teleportation AND Time Travel, so I can easily move from one place to the other quickly, and also meet my ancestors (not to mention interview candidates all around the world with ease)!! 


What's your favourite Framestore project? 

Interestingly enough, the "Take on Me' video by A-Ha, one of Framestore's first projects back in 1986. Being an 80's child, it's a very nostalgic song and video I always loved! But, also, Guardians of the Galaxy.


Number one tip for an application to impress you? 

Keep your resume short and sweet, unique, and visually appealing!