It starts with a sketch

Before the CGI department begins any 3D modelling process, Framestore artists get to work on developing a subject’s personality and physique through illustration. This is where the magic begins.

Concept sketches for Paddington
Concept Sketches for Mog

We imagine the unimaginable

Not all characters have real-life reference points - often the subjects are still figments of an individual’s extraordinary imagination. Framestore’s in-house Art Department was the first port of call for the concepts behind Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them - an integral introduction that would inspire a year of creature exploration between its artists and renowned production designer, Stuart Craig.

Demiguise creature
Concept art for an Ocammy
Concept art for an Ocammy

The Invisible Art

Our artists explore the art of animation and how we breathe life into creatures & characters at Framestore.

A boy is stroking the beak of a mythical creature with a birds head and horses body, they are in a warmly lit forest.
Concept art showing a Niffler on a step
Final shot of a Niffler on a suitcase

The Niffler

From concept art to final shot


At the heart of every project lies performance. From observations of natural behaviour through to nuanced dramatic delivery, oratorical fireworks through to the belly laughs of physical comedy: Framestore's understanding of performance runs deep.

Always in style

Framestore is world famous for its photoreal characters, however, no single style of design or animation is beyond our capabilities. Spanning full CGI to traditional cell animation, Framestore's artists work across a broad range of mediums, across all facets of design.

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