We combine talent and technology
to reframe the possible in advertising,
film, episodic and immersive experiences.

We bring extraordinary ideas to life in any space or screen through craft, imagination and technology.

Framestore is home to a collective of visionaries working across film, advertising, television and immersive. Our work and skillset is wide-ranging, thanks to a pool of 3000 talented artists and producers in offices across the globe.

The Invisible Art

Our artists explore the art of animation and how we breathe life into creatures & characters at Framestore.

A boy is stroking the beak of a mythical creature with a birds head and horses body, they are in a warmly lit forest.


A close up of an alligator's eye with the Art of VFX logo in the bottom left corner.
16th July 2024

Praise for Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Bad Boys: Ride or Die production VFX supervisor Kris Sundberg praises VFX Supervisor Dom Hellier in this interview with Art of VFX.
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A large albino alligator raises its head above water, mouth slightly open. A white Art of VFX logo sits in the bottom left corner.
11th July 2024

Make it snappy - Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Art of VFX catches up with Dom Hellier to unpack the explosive third act of Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die.
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An image of some test footage showing a cassette tape character wearing a sweatband.
8th July 2024

Behind the Tests - Animating IF

IF’s VFX Supervisor, Chris Lawrence and Animation Supervisor, Arslan Elver appear on the Befores & Afters podcast.
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Our latest case studies

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A crowd of football fans standing in the stands of the stadium with the Sky Sports banner above their heads.
Sky Creative

“Welcome to the show” – the launch of Sky Sports +

Framestore teamed up with Sky Creative for “Welcome to the Show” - the launch of Sky Sports +
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A man surrounded by virtual screens with shoe designs on the screens

More Powers to You

Two new spots directed by Dave Meyers and Mia Barnes.
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My Spy 2: The Eternal City
Prime Video

My Spy: The Eternal City

JJ chaperones Sophie on her school trip to Italy, where they become involved in a terrorist plot.
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