A Frankenstein-esque monster holds up a cell phone with the GEICO app displayed

Whatever You Need

We teamed up with The Martin Agency, director Ulf Johansson and Smith & Jones Films, for a new series of spots that reminds viewers that GEICO is there for you for whatever you need.

Creative Director Kamen Markov states that: "Working with Ulf has been one of the big pleasures my work has rewarded me with over the years. His unique sense of comedy and in-camera grounding of his visual effects is a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by AI and CGI. His latest campaign for GEICO is no different. While Framestore did plenty of work on these spots, such as head replacements, monster babies' face manipulations, and making plastic cows look real, the foundation of everything was a practical build, a real prop and location."

Visual Effects Supervisor
A Frankenstein lookalike

Two men on a motorcycle and sidecar - the one in the sidecar is playing an accordion

A mustached man dangles from the edge of a parking garage

Two people sadly stand by their car that is being towed in the middle of the desert


The Martin Agency
Production Company
Smith & Jones
Ulf Johansson
Philippa Smith
Mark Berg
Andrzej Sekula
Kamen Markov
VFX Supervisors
Karch Coon, Jonathan Jobin
VFX Shoot Supervisor
Eric Rosenfeld
Elaina Brilliantes, Noah Catan, Em Hackley, Christopher Halstead
Flame Finishing
Amanda Harris, Matt Dobrez
Antara Ghosh, Nathan Zankich
Callum McKeveny, Benjamin Walant, Menelaos Peristeridis
VFX Editor
John Dimare
Senior Producer
Alexia Paterson
Production Coordinator
Madison Bullock
Company 3
Creative Post Lead
ean-Clement Soret
Senior Colorist
Matthieu Toullet
Senior Producer
Edwin Elkington
Editorial Company
Cut and Run
Editor (Monster, Accordion)
Frank Effron
Editor (ChaCha, Monster)
Andrea Mendoza
Cutting Assist
Ramon de Souza
Senior Producer
Brian Mulvey
Managing Partner
Amburr Farls