A man walks out of his white Lexus SUV that is parked at a parking meter. A white robot stands next to the car.

"We Heard You" & "Future Proof"

For the Lexus ES, Rich and the team utilised in-camera visual effects, dynamically changing the time of day and seamlessly transporting the viewer through multiple environments.

“I’m an early adopter of virtual production, so when I saw that the creative could actively embrace this technology, I was all in,” commented Rich. 

A silver Lexus ES sedan parked in a studio in front of a virtual production wall

For Lexus NX, Rich wanted to continue along the same theme of capturing as much of the action as possible in camera. Real pizza delivery drones were flown down the streets of Los Angeles, but not all of them reached their intended destination. Recognizing the limits of practicality, Framestore’s VFX team, led by Lawrence Jones, was enlisted to create the robot that watches in awe as the autonomous vehicle parks itself.

“It was a blast collaborating with Team One and Lexus, their enthusiasm for the project and brand is infectious and really made its way into the creative,” Rich adds.

a white Lexus suv parked outside of a building in LA. A man walks out of the vehicle as a robot stands and watches


Team One
Jason Stinsmuehlen, Mark Koelfgen
Executive Creative Directors
Associate Creative Director / Art Director
Tim Hawkins
Executive Producer
Amy Gershwin
Associate Producer
Maya Roberts
Production Company
Framestore Pictures
Rich Lee
Director of Photography
Matthias Koenigswieser
Managing Director
Jennifer Siegel
Executive Producer
Michel Waxman
Head of Production
Julie Hershan
Rooby Mooring
Associate Producer
Grace Kenney
Director of Production
Cat Pavitt
Executive Producer
Pete King
Valia Brinck
Creative Director/Shoot Supervisor
Lawrence Jones
Integration Supervisor
Rebecca Tecichner
CG Supervisor
Clement Renaudin
Animation Supervisor
Marco Marenghi
Ben Falloon, Kaho Horiuchi, Soren Barton, Subin Chae
Ehsan Parizi, Markus Clipper
Jeremy Livingston, Meghan Pangiochi
Lighting & Renders
Joey Sila, Richard Shallcross, Alessandro Mattielli
Lead Nuke Compositor
Jesus Yapor
Nuke Compositors
Christopher Halstead, Evan Langley, Vasco Cerqueira, Yachan Yuan, Zach Anderson
Glenn Teel
Nathan Zankich, Dongxin Jiang
Production Coordinator
Kate Richardson
Editorial Company
Whitehouse Post
Matthew Wood
Senior Executive Producer
Joanna Manning
Assistant Editors
Joe Carugati, Lauren Jansen
Post Producer
Katrina Kuss
Company 3
Senior Colorist
Dave Hussey
Assistant Colorist
James Harmon
Senior Producer
Mario Castro
SVP Advertising
Ashley McKim