A cartoon strand of DNA from the Jurassic Park film is floating in a blue laboratory room.


Framestore collaborated with Universal to create next-gen queue media for VelociCoaster, one of Orlando’s fastest and most thrilling roller coasters yet.


Universal looked to creative studio Framestore to collaborate on the media that entertains and immerses guests as they wait in line for the newest addition to Universal's Islands of Adventure, VelociCoaster.

Having crafted 70 minutes of pre-show media content for Universal Studios Hollywood’s Jurassic World The Ride launch in 2019, and working on the brand new Jurassic World Adventure ride in Beijing, Framestore was more than equipped to deliver high-quality VFX and live-action for the project.

The ride’s narrative places guests in the events of 2015’s Jurassic World where a new, exhilarating ride is to be unveiled as part of the park’s plans for expansion. Led by Creative Director Gavin Fox and VFX Supervisor Eugénie von Tunzelmann, the Framestore team was responsible for crafting VelociCoaster’s hero story sequences which play on presentation screens throughout the queue area. 

To bring the narrative to life, Framestore produced and directed the shoots of A-list actors Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard who return to their roles as Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, as well as Jurassic’s legendary genetic engineer Dr. Henry Wu, played by BD Wong. The characters interact with each other from different locations around the park, featuring interviews and informative bio-engineering broadcasts.

To create these sequences Framestore combined live-action plates of actors with CG environments and assets including footage of the new VelociCoaster paddock, and a raptor holding area.  



“As a group of rollercoaster enthusiasts, we were incredibly excited to play a part in crafting the experience of VelociCoaster,” said Tunzelmann. “The queue is an essential part of the attraction, reconnecting the guests with the characters and creatures of Jurassic World as well as helping ratchet up the tension before they board. We’re hugely proud to have delivered 17 minutes of story-driven media, including beautiful motion graphics, ambitious visual effects and a lot of Easter eggs for keen-eyed guests!”

Starring alongside the cast is Jurassic’s iconic Mr. DNA – the educational animated double helix – presenting several instructional videos on the rides’ rules and safety protocols. The team modernised the design of the character, bringing him back to life on screen as a 3D rendered format rather than a 2D illustration, carefully preserving the character’s iconic look and vivaciousness for which he’s known.

The project was delivered alongside another three of Universal Parks & Resorts’ projects as the Framestore Attractions team created a huge amount of content for the upcoming Jurassic World Adventure, Raptor Encounter and Jurassic Flyers at Universal Beijing Resort, a media-based dark ride which represents one of the largest projects, in terms of media created, for the Immersive team to date. Read more about this Jurassic World Adventure ride here

Velocicoaster Dinosaur Image


Universal Creative
Ben Wes, Chris Waitt
Creative Director, Framestore Immersive
Gavin Fox
Design Director
Stephen Goalby
VFX Supervisor
Eugénie von Tunzelmann
Senior Producer
Maximilian McNair McEwan
William Bartlett
CG Supervisors
Adam Burnett, Martin Cutbill
Animation Supervisor
Brad Silby
Comp Supervisor
Marco Parenzi