The film sees towers of mealtime elements spring seamlessly from Gousto boxes, showcasing the breadth of cuisines on offer through the meal subscription service. The sequence was first designed and previsualised, blocking out the movement of the recipe elements. A basic kitchen set-up was then captured on shoot, complete with plates and boxes. The featured food and cooking elements were individually shot using photogrammetry, in doing so forming the base of highly accurate and textured models which would be carefully pieced and arranged by Framestore’s artists.

Working entirely in Nuke, and making full use of the V-Ray plugin, the VFX team worked through multiple iterations of the element ‘towers’, refining the animation to create realistic movement, and customising the behaviour of each to reflect the recipe on show. The kitchen environment was extended and finessed, adding homely touches to further land Gousto’s message that mealtimes that are about more than just the ingredients.