An old victorian street showing stalls and shoppers alongside a victorian police officer.

The Time Portal

As part of a campaign for Stella Artois, Framestore was briefed to transport audience members back in time to Victorian London in search of the first Wimbledon Tournament.  Audiences explored the journey of Stella Artois & Wimbledon, from within a bar to the smoggy streets of London.

back view of two people walking through a victorian era london street film set

Framestore concepted, wrote, produced and art directed the immersive theatre experience which ran for 4 days and welcomed over 5000 visitors.

a victorian man wearing night pyjamas holding a candle holder with three lit candles in darkness
a victorian child standing in front of a time machine
a victorian man standing in front of a film set in a victorian era street

Elements such as a full-sized time machine, Victorian Marketplace and prison cells successfully transported guests to 1877.  Recognisable characters including Fagin, Jack the Ripper, and Queen Victoria added energetic performances to the experience and gave the whole experience further levels of immersion and entertainment.

stella artois branded time portal poster

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