Four women

Switch It Up

Framestore Pictures’ Ahn Vu directed Macy’s 2020 spring fashion campaign, ‘Switch It Up,’ which highlights strong, confident women, and the many ways an amazing outfit from Macy’s can help tie everything together.

Effects Simulation
Visual Effects Supervisor

Teaming up with creative agency Major Behavior, the spot leans into the mobile shopping behavior of swiping with a fun, energetic, and modern approach to showing how today’s woman gets ready.

Anh considered every detail, from the diverse cast of models to their unique environments, giving dimension and value to each character whilst making the clothes shine.

a person holding up their arm mid singing in front of a pink background
two people chatting on a sofa. the image is split between the middle

Framestore’s design and compositing team delivered punchy transitions and motion to the edit, with colourist Beau Leon giving the spot a fantastic vibrance, all adding to the charming performance of the talent. The 30-second spot airs across television, digital and social.


Major Behavior
Anh Vu
Founder, Creative Director
Kenneth Erke
Senior Producer
Liz Graves
Framestore Pictures
Executive Producer
Jennifer Siegel
Head of Production
Anne Vega
Line Producer
Krista Thompson
Director of Photography
Danny Hiele
Executive Producer
Larissa Berringer
Director of Production
David Michaels
Creative Director
Anthony Gibbs
Senior Producer
Cat Pavitt
VFX Shoot Supervisor
Shervin Shoghian
Compositing Supervisor
Will Golladay, Ali Beisber
Nuke Artist
Joe Taylor, Isaac Spiegel, Jacob Dailey
Beau Leon
Flame Artist
Todd Mesher
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