Framestore team in Vancouver led by VFX Supervisor Sean Schur completed 108 shots, delivered demanding dust and lighting effects simulations and created innovative superpower effects. Framestore’s team was notably responsible for the entire first VFX-heavy shot of the movie taking place in the Acropolis Museum in Athens. In this shot, two of Atlas’ daughters, Kalypso and Hespera steal the staff and ultimately create chaos and destroy everything in the museum. “This shot  was our biggest challenge on this project,” explains Sean Schur, VFX Supervisor. “It’s the first big VFX moment and it sets the tone for the rest of the movie, so it was essential that we get it right.” For this shot of over 1100 frames with multiple plates, the team delivered a large palette of VFX types. “We created complex lighting effects, achieved demanding sentient dust simulations, completed destructions, collapsing statues and ultimately turned over two dozen actors to stone,’ concludes Schur.