The process

Previs uses 3D imagery to visualise or design a show and utilises a bespoke pipeline and digital toolset which is designed to facilitate the quick iteration of different staging and art direction options such as lighting, camera placement and movement, stage direction and editing for specific shots or sequences without incurring the costs of actual production.

Previs is designed to be fast and iterative and to prove creative and narrative concept. FPS can use a combination of previs shot creators, concept artists and animators to create 'Pitchvis' material to help an in-development project earn a greenlight from a studio or gain interest from would-be investors. This can include specific sequences from the proposed project or an overall trailer to convey the filmmakers’ creative intent.

Beyond script pages and static visual references, pitchvis is a versatile creative service which can be used to dynamically move a project from abstract concept to tangible product and is being used more and more in the development cycle by many of our studio partners.