Kate McKinnon standing in a kitchen looking across a countertop smiling at her cat

Mayo Cat

For Hellmann's Super Bowl 58 commercial, Framestore's NY VFX team, led by VFX Creative Director Vicky Osborn, partnered with VML NY, directors Speck & Gordon and production company Furlined.

Kate McKinnon with her eyes wide, looking stunned

"It was a really great experience to work on such a genuinely funny creative idea and help bring it to life."

-Vicky Osborn, VFX Creative Director

Executive Creative Director
Susan Golkin
Group Creative Director
Peepo David
Creative Directors
Dana Stalker, Andrew Curtis, Ben Morejon
SVP, Content Production NA
Angela Barber
Executive Producer
Tara Leinwohl
Associate Director, Music Production
Dan Burt
Sr. Integrated Business Manager
Emily Nargi
Global Business Director
Ariel Stern
Business Director
Sarah Mannion
Account Director
Samantha Bernstein
Assistant Account Manager
Anshicca Somaiya
Executive Strategy Director
Daryl Giannantonio
Group Strategy Director
Maddie Gupta
Associate Strategy Director
Matt Confer
Production Company
Speck & Gordon
Diane McArter
Senior Executive Producer
David Thorne
EP/Director of Production
Jay Wakefield
Line Producer
Chris Palladino
Director of Photography
Darren Lew
Production Designer
Clement Price-Thomas
VFX Creative Director
Vicky Osborn
VFX Supervisor
Steve Drew
VFX Shoot Supervisor
Vicky Osborn, Zavier Mojica
Steve Drew, Nick Tanner, Navid Bagherzadeh, Chris Grocock
CG Tracking
Jass Tsai
Flame Finishing
Keno Naidoo
Design Creative Director
Brian Drucker
Julien Van Wallendael, Takanori Yashiro, Yujung Lee, John Haley
Digital Matte Painting
Ivo Horvat
VFX Editor
Eugen Bekafigo
Framestore NY Head of Studio
Tara Maloney
Framestore NY Head of Production
Veronica Ware
Executive Producer
Nick Fraser
Catherine May
Production Coordinator
James Bolan
Company 3
Tom Poole, Jenny Montgomery
Color Assistant
Nick Daukas
Shannen Troup
Editorial Company
Pamela Petrukski, Danielle Minch
Assistant Editor
Brandon Alexander
Executive Producer
Gina Pagano
Kayla Robinson