The GEICO Gecko holds a pencil

Legend of the Lizard

The Framestore team, led by Associate Creative Director Will Frazier, teamed up with The Martin Agency to continue our ongoing collaboration on the world's most famous lizard: the GEICO Gecko. This time around, the insurance-loving Gecko is the subject of a new 15-minute documentary, "The Legend of the Lizard". 

A title card that says "Legend of the Lizard"

In addition to the film, our teams brought to life a teaser trailer and four spots that aired during the Super Bowl LVIII pre-game show. 

It was a pleasure working with Framestore. They truly love the Gecko. And I felt that love and care working with them on this campaign. They brought so much to the process and supported me at every turn.
David Shafei
The GEICO Gecko stands at a baseball field, looking through a chainlink fence

A picture frame contains a photo of the GEICO gecko as a baby. The words "His Rise. Legend of the Lizard" are on the photo

A man and a woman dressed in GEICO Gecko garb. The words "His Influence. Legend of the Lizard" are on the photo

A man points to a painted mural of the GEICO gecko holding a girl's hand. The words "His Secret. Legend of the Lizard" are on the photo

The GEICO gecko holds a pencil. The words "His Rise. Legend of the Lizard" is on the photo


The Martin Agency
VP, Executive Producer
Heather Collier
Senior Producer
Maggie Weishaar
Creative Directors
Ryan Raab, Dustin Dobb, Graham Unterberger
Account Director
Allie Waller
Production Company
World War Seven
David Shafei
Managing Partner
Josh Ferrazzano
Executive Producer
Sloane Skala
Head of Production
Kailey Brandes
Line Producer
Michael Mitchell
Associate Creative Director
Will Frazier
Senior Producer
PJ Stegall
Jim Vidal, Romain Faure
CG Lead
2D Lead
Zavier Mojica
Asset Build
Youran Lyu, Rui Yang
Jeremy Livingston
CG Tracking
Jass Tsai
CG Animation
Francisco Dias, Jim Hundertmark, Antonio Guidetti, Will Frazier
CG Lighting
Jim Vidal, Romain Faure, Kayla Whitehead
Zavier Mojica, Rob Williams, Elaina Brilliantes, Luke Chang, Illia Afanasiev, Jason Tsai, Jess Kim
Digital Matte Painting
Benjamin Walant, Callum McKeveny
Concept Design
Nikola Yordanov
Daniel Petersen, Reece Parker, Antara Ghosh, Yiyuan (Coy) Yuan, Yujung Lee, Jessica Tong
VFX Editors
Eugen Bekafigo, John DiMare
Production Coordinator
Madison Bullock
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Sean Coleman
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Matt Moran
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