Bringing their monster mastery to the project, Framestore worked directly alongside the show’s creative lead and executive producer Seth Grahame-Smith, director Marc Webb, and Visual Effects Supervisor Eric McAvoy, and were involved in the creative meetings for the entire series. The team got to work creating a range of hair-raising ghosts, a demon, paranormal energy storms, and transformation effects requiring challenging simulations and precise timing.

For the creature modelling, the team primarily used Zbrush and Maya to create “The Critic”, a ghastly, skull spirit creature. Zbrush and Maya were used to model out the shape of the character. While Substance Painter was used for texturing, and Houdini was used for the cloth simulation.  

“Episode 2, which was directed by Marc Webb, was a very special and challenging episode in particular as we had more than 250 shots to complete,” said Framestore VFX Supervisor, Thomas Montminy Brodeur. “We needed to create a range of VFX, including ghosts, energy storms, and a fully CG floating creature called the ‘Critic’ -- a 10-foot-tall skull with cloth floating from it.” 

Just Beyond is now available to watch on Disney+.