The cheeky spot opens with a lounging Lopez, who as the chief celebration officer, entices viewers to come set sail on a Virgin Voyages cruise ship. As she begins to glitch it's revealed Jen's actually an AI avatar, puppeteered by a group of Virgin Voyages employees.

Our teams, led by VFX creative director Vicky Osborn and design creative director Brian Drucker, were responsible for building the Jen AI lab screen content, creating the 3D wire frame model that tracks Lopez and her environment and associated compositing and transitions. It was crucial for our VFX and design teams to clearly execute the initial transition to the lab where it is revealed that the Virgin staffers are secretly the ones behind the Jennifer Lopez we see on screen. Taking a less-is-more approach, the team aimed to subtly craft the design elements to avoid overshadowing the actors performances.  

The first shoot day took place in Miami, where JLo shot her scenes on an actual Virgin Voyages cruise ship, while the lab scenes were shot in Los Angeles, where creative director & VFX supervisor James Rogers was onset, collaborating with director Dave Meyers. Filming the lab scenes after Lopez filmed her portion allowed the actors to mimic her performance, emphasising the comedic aspects of the spot and the overall believability.