The Framestore team was tasked with creating digital set extensions for the town and home where Ruffalo’s character and his family lived over the years, from the 1920s through to the 1990s. To ensure the accurate representation of each period, the team worked closely with the show’s Production Designer, Inbal Weinberg, and the VFX Supervisor, Eric Pascarelli, to collect reference material and ideate around ways to bring the environments to life. By reconstructing the house and surrounding landscape throughout the 70-year timeline, the audience is taken on a journey of transformation across different eras featured in the course of the story.

The series was shot on film which, while allowing for a beautiful aesthetic, simultaneously created a technical challenge in the digital age. With many of the shots requiring a significant amount of rebuilding within the frame, the experienced team worked within the medium to enhance the captivating visuals.

“Our team has a keen eye for detail, which was crucial for this project to ensure the viewer isn’t taken out of the story,” said John Kilshaw, Creative Director and VFX Supervisor from Framestore in New York. “The environments are stunning and will further enhance the existing cinematography.”