It was Framestore’s job to deliver completely seamless VFX in all ten episodes of the series which included multiple set extensions, environments and effects. 

Led out of the creative studio’s New York office by Framestore Creative Director and VFX Supervisor John Kilshaw, Framestore worked to have not all of the VFX work stand out to audiences including but not limited toremoving modern fixtures and elements from exterior shots and replaced backgrounds to create a period depiction of New York in the 1970s. 

“Coming to a drama series like Hunters where the story is everything, the VFX work needs to be completely invisible. It’s important that we get our heads into the narrative of the show and think practically to help enhance what’s been captured,” said Kilshaw.

“Working on episodic projects like Hunters, we have to quickly build an understanding and a short-hand dictionary with the producers so that we can iterate on shots and ideas as efficiently as possible to deliver exactly what we need to complement the show’s visuals.”