A woman with a superhero mask  standing on the top of a building with a cityscape in the background.

Hollywood to Your Home

Framestore Pictures is proud to present an addition to its global roster, The Directors Duo, with bold new work for Panasonic.

The Directors Duo’s first project under Framestore Pictures - Panasonic’s ‘Hollywood to Your Home’ - is the perfect example of the big scopes and epic cinematography favoured by the directorial pair.

an actress walking through a fancy dress party. confetti is floating in the air

The film takes viewers on a ride through classic Hollywood genres, each demonstrating the qualities of Panasonic’s signature 4K HDR display. Transitioning seamlessly from one to the next, we follow the protagonist through four richly set locations, culminating in a blockbuster finale.

Framestore Pictures worked alongside creative agency Brave to plot the dramatic journey, shot across an equally action-packed three-day schedule in Cape Town. Framestore was responsible for the film’s VFX, with environment extensions and in some cases full replacement, crash landing spacecraft and FX dirt, dust and fire explosion work to help enhance the already elaborate live-action footage.

face shot of a superhero wearing a mask standing in front of a city skyline

The three parties worked collaboratively to define the looks, locations and intricate set dressing detail of the four scenes. Framestore’s VFX team was able to work hand-in-hand with The Directors Duo on set, as part of a second unit, ensuring smooth workflows between the live-action and post production components of the project.

crew and actors on a superhero film set

Say The Directors Duo of the work: ‘This project had the perfect combination of elements for us: cinematographic influences, big vision, and a passionate team. It was no small feat to pull off, and would not have come about without the tenacity of the wider crew, and their ability to think of new solutions on the ground. We constantly tried to push the boundaries, to uphold the Framestore reputation; and of course we are pleased to have delivered on the vision of the brilliant teams at Brave and Panasonic.’


Benjamin Kratzin, Chris Schlierf
Creative Director
Colin Jones, Liam Fenton
Art Director
Mike Berg
Production Company
Framestore Pictures
Executive Producer
David Hay
Paul Gilpin
VFX Producer
Christopher Gray
Production Director
Carl Gonsalves
Technical Director
Leonardo Costa, Sherrine Byfield
Shoot Supervisor
Andrew Salter
VFX Supervisor
Chris Redding
FX Artist
Hernan Llano
Paint & Roto
Kane Herd, Christian Baker
Business Director
Stefan Kann
Tri Do, Ben Cronin, Savneet Nagi
Lawrence Glew
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