Framestore constructed and delivered the show’s namesake -- a grueling hit and run car accident scene -- from multiple angles. Particular effort went into coordinating the various shots and infusing them with a level of danger and believability, thanks also in part to keen editing and sequence flow, that would all help to relay the show’s most shocking moment.

Another key scene involved a bomb exploding as the characters entered the front door of a house. The actors were moving very realistically and already conveyed a sense of jeopardy, but when the VFX team added the hazard of fire and smoke in post, it gently pushed the sequence into the more dramatic and alarming moment that it required.

"Our role on the project was to enhance what was shot in camera and ensure that any VFX strategically remained subtle and unnoticeable so as not to remove the audience from the drama itself,” said Framestore Creative Director, John Kilshaw.

Whilst the team worked tirelessly to provide seamless VFX in Houdini and Nuke across a number of shots beyond the green screen and driving comp danger enhancements in several car scenes, they also paid incredible attention to detail on key showstopper moments, “leading to beautifully crafted and gentle touches throughout the series,” noted Framestore Compositing Supervisor, Corrina Wilson. “We left the stars and the story to shine without distraction.”

Hit & Run is now streaming on Netflix.