A man hangs upside down in a large chrysalis in a Hornbach advert

Every spring, a new beginning

HORNBACH’s new spot bursts to life with Kamen Markov, Traktor, and Jean-Clément Soret making the metamorphosis complete.

Visual Effects Supervisor

Framestore collaborated closely with Stink Films Germany, creative lead agency HeimatTBWA\ and the legendary directors Traktor, as well as renowned colourist, Jean-Clément Soret, to deliver the latest off-the-wall commercial for HORNBACH.


HORNBACH is well known for its original, beautiful, and quirky commercials and along with the legendary directors from Traktor, always aim high. With the team lined up, Framestore was delighted to once again answer the call and join this never-before-seen journey. 


In the spot, we bear witness to a surprised man, quite viscerally, metamorphing out of a cocoon before being relieved to be welcomed by a knowing tribe of happy onlookers.

The brief was simple: “It’s optimistic, it’s colourful, and it’s not quite real,” said Framestore's Creative Director, Kamen Markov. “It’s a world Adam and Eve would feel at home in." 

A man hangs upside down in a large chrysalis in a Hornbach advert

The art department built incredible life-size models of the cocoons and Framestore’s team helped to populate extra cocoons into the background, as well as additional flowers, waterfalls and embellishments, to help sell the fantastical world.

“We carefully planned our steps out together with Traktor and, and the path led us to the lush landscapes of New Zealand for the filming of the ad.” said Kamen Markov.

Framestore later removed the rig, added translucency, and applied extra polish to the textures. As well as this, Kamen’s team placed additional cocoons in post. 

“We could have stopped there, but we wanted more, so we added extra flowers and a picturesque waterfall using our library of elements.” added Kamen Markov.


Company 3’s Jean-Clement Soret applied the finishing touches with a beautiful grade.

“It was a joy to work with our perfectionist friend Kamen on another Traktor spot for HORNBACH, being located on the same floor, made the whole difference when adding these multiple small details between VFX and colour.” added Jean-Clément Soret.


Creative Lead Agency
Production Company
Stink Films Germany
Executive Producer
Richard Ulfvengren
Creative Director & Flame Artist
Kamen Markov
Yanru Yin
Flame Versioning
Aadel Matoorianpour
VFX Shoot Supervision
James Corden
Senior Producer
Alexia Paterson
Production Assistant
Jamie Scott
Company 3
Jean-Clément Soret