Deadpool lands in a crouch, wielding two guns


This project was completed by Method Studios in 2016. Method’s film and episodic teams in Montreal, Vancouver and Melbourne are now a fully-integrated part of Framestore. 

The team's visual effects artistry features in key sequences of the spec-op-turned-mercenary’s origin story; the freeway chase and scene where Deadpool counts bullets at the chase’s end, 250 shots. The team conceptualised a fictional city blending elements of Chicago, Vancouver and Detroit, and created every detail, from the city skyline to trash on the side of the road, rusted overpasses, broken-down train cars and hero vehicles that are accurate inside and out, to digital muzzle flashes, dust and debris. Deadpool (and the bad guys who have it out for him) are fully digital in complex stunts throughout. Applying innovative technology for physically-accurate cameras and lights with scientific discipline resulted in an incredibly real-looking road surface. Artists added caustic reflections that bounce between buildings and simulated changes to sun position, cloud cover, and light quality that occurred from shot to shot.

Effects Simulation
ryan reynolds as deadpool crouching down and holding out guns in both hands