The Collector - Mila's Little Sister

Mila’s Little Sister is the fourth film in the Sky Collector campaign and is an animation-led one, with our Sky Q portal appearing in a number of family films and TV shows as the film’s star Mila collects titles for her little sister Poppy. 

Concept Design
On Set Vis
Effects Simulation
Previsualisation Supervisor
Animation Supervisor
Visual Effects Supervisor
aerial view of a portal in a river

Led again by VFX Supervisor Chris Redding and CG Supervisor Beau Garcia, the team was responsible for adding the portal into three newly-created animated sequences which feature a number of different Milas as she appears in Paw Patrol, Trolls World Tour and even as a LEGO minifigure. 

This film features the first time we see the portal head on as it collects objects from these different worlds. This meant the team not only needed to explore what more of the inside of the portal would look like but also how much further the animated characters and objects being collected would need to fall into the void as Mila collects them for her little sister. ​


Sky Creative Agency
Dan DiFelice
Production Company
Biscuit Filmworks
VFX & Colour
VFX Supervisor
Chris Redding
CG Supervisor
Beau Garcia
Compositing Supervisor
Suzanne Jandu
George Palcut, Oliver Armstrong, Manuel Rivoir
Joachim Henriksen, Christopher Puchta
Erik Weaver-Pronk
Tim Osborne
Simon Bourne
Senior Producer
Sophie Harrison
Production Assistant
Chloe Dunn
Production Coordinator
Mia Price
IP Animation
Dreamworks, Pure Imagination, Spin Master/Guru Studio
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