animation characters looking at each other competitively on a dancefloor

Ciclope Festival Title Sequence

Framestore’s David Lochhead has directed a fun, high energy, character-driven opening title sequence for Ciclope Festival 2018 which features two butt-jiggling dancers going toe-to-toe. Annually held since 2010, Ciclope Festival is an international conference and awards show dedicated to celebrating craft in moving image. The sequence perfectly encapsulates the festival’s USP which is to focus on the art of execution.

Concept Design
Visual Effects Supervisor
Title Design
animated characters dancing on a dancefloor

The protagonists in the 90-second animation are two increasingly enthusiastic dancers, whose initial face-off turns into a dance battle that beautifully showcases design and animation craft. The concept for the titles was to demonstrate Framestore’s Design Studio’s creative process: showing an idea evolve from initial concept through storyboard, simplified wireframe 3D to final, full-colour render. Working closely with animation director Ian Spendloff and 3D animator Yukari Schrickel, director David Lochhead was also keen for the narrative to celebrate the very notion of collaboration – the magic that happens when two or more people get together and inspire and push each other, enabling them to create something bigger and better than if they were working individually.

black and white animation character on a dancefloor
animated character during grid rendering
Ian Spendloff choreographed the whole thing, bringing a real energy to the concept. Working together with motion designer Yukari Schrickel, the three of us combined forces to create a bold, eye-popping film for Ciclope’s 2018 festival and awards.
David Lochhead
Senior Designer, Framestore
close up view of an animated character
animated character dancing with arms up on a dancefloor

As well as the main titles, Framestore also designed 39 x 5-second intro stings for all the different award categories.

two animated characters facing each other during a dance off on a dancefloor


David Lochhead
Stephen Goalby
Niamh O'Donohoe
Animation Director
Steven Kelly
Design & Animation
David Lochhead, Ian Spendloff, Yukari Schrickel
Simon Bourne
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