A duck at a bowling alley wearing bowling shoes

"Bowling" and "Charades"

Framestore Pictures director Tom Routson’s latest collaboration with Dagger and Aflac for two hilarious films proves to be extra special as it is a reunion with the team that launched the Aflac Duck into the advertising stratosphere. Tom and Framestore Pictures Managing Director Jennifer Siegel were delighted to once again work with Alfac and the iconic duck. As a bonus easter egg for the fans, actor Earl Billings returns to the spots as a shoe cleaner at a bowling alley.

It was an amazing turn of events to be working on the Aflac Duck once again after helping to create it some 20 plus years ago. Working with the same people I worked with all those years ago was so unbelievable I thought that I might have hit my head. The collaboration with all the new faces and the old made for one great experience and a great deal of fun.
Tom Rouston
The Aflac Duck bowling at a bowling alley

the Aflac Duck plays a game of charades in a living room, there is an hour glass on the coffee table


Garth Knutson
Senior Brand Manager
Alex Santos
Brand Coordinator, Content
Madison Montgomery
Senior Video Production Manager
Adrian Schwarz-Iglesias
Brand Positioning Doctors
Darryl "DC" Cobbin
President, Managing Director
Missy Taylor
Chief Creative Officer
Al Patton
Senior Account Director
Parker Carlson
Account Supervisor
Amy Small Doppel
Associate Creative Director
Ansel Wright
Tom Amico
CD/Art Director
Eric David
Program Director
Lauren Herle
Integrated Producer
Todd Johnson
Production Company
Tom Routson
Managing Director
Jennifer Siegel
Executive Producer
Michel Waxman
Head of Production
Julie Hershan
Line Producer
Mark Berger
Associate Producer
Grace Kenney
On-Set VFX Supervisor
Martin Lazaro
Executive Producer
Heino Henning
Rebecca Schmidt
Lead Compositor
Avery Herzog
Alex Ling, Em Hackley, Joseph Yoon, Ryan Ninko
VFX Editors
Eugen Bekafigo, John DiMare
Special FX
Legacy Effects
Studio Manager
Damon Weathers
Hero Name
Executive Producer
Molly Baroco
Jeff Jay
Flame Artist
Andrew Popee
Color Collective
Senior Colorist
Mike Howell
Sound Designer, Composer, Mixer
Shawn Coleman