By utilizing Unreal Engine, the team developed a real-time particle-generated, AI-driven, two minute interactive experience. The experience lived on a 20 ft LED screen and incorporated random attributes based on participants’ answers to drive variations of particle behavior and color, which drove the vehicle design.

Premiering at a live car reveal event in Los Angeles, the installation aimed to focus on the design and creative aspects of the car, in particular the bespoke customizable nature of its color palette. 

Framestore’s Immersive team spent time conceptualizing and visualizing each aspect of the experience, creating four different particle system aesthetics for the main experience and designing them to perform in real-time using Unreal Engine, Niagara and Houdini. They also designed color gradients to capture the tone of answers to four different questions, breaking down responses into four possibilities. Finally, they created an equalizer animation at the beginning of the experience, as well as a transformation of the elegant particle system to reveal the Celestiq at the end.

The development team linked an AI-driven chatbot (voiced by Regina King) into the complex equation; solving a myriad of technical issues, facilitating a web-driven experience and tying all the external vendors' work into a rock-solid experience. 

Guests received a completely unique digital image of their customized car to take home at the end of the experience.