The cast of Ant Man against a muted blue background

Ant Man

This project was completed by Method Studios in 2015. Method’s film and episodic teams in Montreal, Vancouver and Melbourne are now a fully-integrated part of Framestore.

Effects Simulation

The team created the hero’s ant armies and Ant-Thony, a large carpenter ant ridden by Ant-Man. Method’s concept artists broke down each ant section by section, using scientific references as they created animated vignettes. Ant-Thony was keyframed by hand, with both ant and horse references used as guides to create unique physical behaviours. In addition to swarms, the artists developed detailed, high-resolution hero assets for each ant species that could be used for close-up foreground shots. They also created diverse environments including underground tunnels, the S.H.I.E.L.D. conference room circa 1980, and lab and set extensions for the vault at Pym Tech.

a minuscule ant man crouching down and talking to an ant