To commemorate the milestone of 25 years of Sex and the City and celebrate the upcoming season two premiere of And Just Like That, Max will provide fans with an opportunity to immerse themselves in TV’s most fabulous franchise with the “And Just Like That…It’s Been 25 Years, A Sex and the City Experience.” 

Guests enter the experience and embark on a journey through time and fashion, reframing the connection between fashion nostalgia and cutting-edge technology as they relive some of the most iconic looks seen across all six seasons of the Sex and the City series, season one of And Just Like That before and ending with a preview of looks from the highly-anticipated second season of the series. 

A mesmeric floral design guides guests through the timeline of Carrie's classic looks. Framestore deployed disguise’s hardware and software solutions to power the immersive show that spans eight ten-foot LED screens over a forty-foot run, while mirrors separate each screen allowing for beautiful selfie moments for guests within the space.

Thanks to other advanced AI technologies for content generation, lower-resolution Sex and the City footage is taken to new heights. The creative team upscaled the footage to an impressive 4k resolution and created slow-motion footage from the original 24p footage. With this technology, we could slow the footage down to speeds as low as 30% of the original, providing the artists and editors with new creative opportunities by allowing us to display the footage at a higher quality on the ten-foot tall LED screens.