“With all the strangeness and uncertainty of the pandemic sweeping the world, we count ourselves lucky to be in position to still create this kind of work,” said Bradley. “And as everyone tunes in to the awards remotely for the first time, we thought we should address how we’ve all been feeling.”

While we try to stay sane in our quarantined rooms, our workplaces have become a distant memory. High stakes precautions rule our lives, rations are measured, and our friends and loved ones are seen only through small digital windows. But throughout all of this we manage to stay connected and keep each other going.

Framestore’s Design Studio worked their magic using a mix of tools including C4D, After Effects, Photoshop, and Maya.

First broadcast across the live, three-day awards event, the film will also be memorialized alongside the show at New York’s MoMA in perpetuity.